Profile assemble — is the last production cycle, when separate elements (internal, external and thermal bridge) create a product suitable for use in construction. On the physical nature – this is process of clamping thermo bridge edges to the grooves of aluminum cups. It is performed on a mechanical machine. There are factory, customer (own) and service profile assemble. Bridges are used for warm aluminum systems and can be made from politermid or polyamide. The difference is in the allowable processing temperatures and accordingly, in cost.

Own profile assemble reduces the final price of profile by 10-15% compared to the factory price. In addition, cost reduction is provided by the optimal choice of thermal bridge material for various orders.

Ltd. «Belmar» is not a refiner of aluminum profile. Therefore, when it was decided to open a profile assembly section, we pursued the main goal: to expand the functionality of powder coating and decoration, by supplementing technological cycle process.

Improving in powder coating and decorating has significantly expanded the range of works and their quality. However, our experience shows that architectural progress puts more and more tasks that require new approaches. This is especially concern polymer coating of warm window and door systems. For example, while decorating of warm profile which has significantly different weight and size characteristics of the inner and outer cups the problem of deterioration of drawing appears. A similar problem arises you need to decorate profile in «bicolor» technology. Given that each texture is formed on selected primer, at different temperatures and exposure time, it is very difficult to get a quality equivalent image.

Therefore, the transition to working with rolled out profiles provides a complete implementation of powder coating and decoration potential, which is sufficiently met the growing requirements of modern architectural solutions. This opens real prospects for reducing production costs and reducing turnaround time. Our aluminum profile assembly unit allowed us to reduce the cost of coating and decorating of aluminum profile by «bicolor» more than doubled.

Our company has a machine «IZOMAT-5», which provides profiles assemble with the following characteristics:

  • mounting depth of profile up to 250 mm;
  • mounting height of profile up to 400 mm;
  • distance between bridges max 300 mm.

In the process, we have identified a number of important features of assemble; main depending of quality, appearance and size thermal bridge was also identified.

We have a complete set of rollers for assembling SCHUSO: AWS / ADS profiles. We also perform assemble of individual profile elements from other manufacturers who have the ability and willingness to supply the rolled out profile.