Great demands on corrosion protection of metal surfaces, its decoration and providing of high specific performance made issue of new coating types and application technologies very actual. Widespread use of aluminum structures in building industry has sharply raised the question about solving of these problems.

Polymeric powder coating most fully meets these new requirements. The accumulated experience concerning its application confirms its high technical and economic efficiency, first of all in comparing with alternative types of special coatings. The essence of powder coating process is applying and fusion of polymer particles on products surface.

There is a wide variety of spraying methods:

  • by applying material (thermoset and thermoplastic);
  • by principle of powder applying (electrostatic, flame spray, plasma or fluidization);
  • by type of equipment (tubeless, booth);
  • by way of melting (flaming, induction etc.).

This classification is quite tentative, but it allows to identify common patterns that underlie coating formation. Knowledge and consideration of these rules allows not only to develop and implement new equipment, but also to be a key to high quality coatings. However, not all peculiarities of powder coatings are sufficiently investigated. In particular, questions of practical application of thermoplastic powder, flame and plasma spraying, powder coating of MDF, PVH and glass are remained. Research in these spheres is mainly experimental and can not be used in practice.