One of the most important factors which affect coating quality (both liquid and powder) is surface preparation.

There is an unspoken rule: bad coating applied on well prepared surface is better than good coating on not properly prepared surface.

Problems which have to be solved by preparation:

  • preparation provides absence of dust, grease, oxides and other contaminants;
  • preparation performs preliminary chemical process in order to create a conversion cover.

Always remember that it is impossible to compare good adhesion in dry conditions and good corrosion protection.

In our work we use manual sandblasting machine produced by «Clemco». Its capacity is 10-15 sq.m/h

Aluminum oxide or quartz sand is used as abrasive. The first stage of degreasing is jet spraying method. It is made by organic solvents or alkaline cleaning compositions. This abrasive process provides 1-2 degree of purification from oxides. In the case of external application, we use Zink powder primer before the main coating.

Alternative method to clean ferrous metals is thermal cleaning or acid pickling. For this purpose we choose fungicides of “Alufinish GmbH” (Germany).

For complex acid pickling, degreasing and phosphate we use the following products:

1. For iron and steel products:

  • ferrophos 7768;
  • ferrosid 7007;
  • ferropas 7810.

2. For aluminum:

  • alfideox 73;
  • alfisid 16;
  • alficoat 748.

All these products are low-temperatured.

Taking to the account our equipment experts of “Alufinish-Ukraine Ltd” has developed and provided all technological maps. The coatings with usage of these products are characterized by good adhesion and corrosion protection.

So, each of these cleaning methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Usage of any of them is determined individually and depended on the degree of dirt. In order to choose materials, modes for creating coating we start with a desire to reduce production costs and to respond all environmental protection requirements.