Application and properties of modified thermoplastic powders (MTP)

This powder coating has a well-deserved reputation in unsurpassed performance in a wide range of applications. The service life of MTP coatings is much longer than of conventional powder coatings. It also provides a long-term protection of surfaces in any climatic zone, without harming the environment.

Corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection of MTP coatings is the best one and is one of the most versatile and durable coatings. When ASTM B117 test was conducte in salt spray chamber, there was no blistering, cracking, corrosion and delaminating after 20 000 hours. If coating is damaged, so corrosion was observed in the range of 0 to 0.5 mm after 1000 hours in the salt spray chamber. Loss of adhesion in this test according to ASTM D 3359 is zero.

Ultraviolet resistance (UV).

MTP has an excellent UV resistance. After 2000 hours of QUV (ASTM G53) test or ‘xenon arc’ (ASTM G26) test, there were no significant change in color, gloss, or mechanical properties. Samples were also tested in Florida: within 5 years, at 45 degrees in the sun, on the beach — and there were no significant changes.

In real life, MTP covering correspond to all tests and sometimes even show higher characteristics.

Here are some examples:


Fences are the biggest area where MTP coatings are used. The main consumers are the Middle East, the US and Australia. Their orders are chain, lattice, decorative and protective fencing. The coating meets the requirements of ASTM F1063, 668 and 626.

In the Middle East, such coatings must confront not only the harsh climate, having an intense exposure to UV light and heat, but also to withstand sandstorms in the desert and impact of coastal environments. Polyester, galvanized and PVC coatings can not serve long under these conditions, and require regular replacement. The photo on the right shows the fence covered with MTP about seven years ago in Dubai. It is reviewed regularly and still looks like new, without any trace of corrosion. PVC coating on the fence nearby has noticeably deteriorated.

Many miles of fences in the Middle East were covered with MTP because of its proximity to the desert and the sea. Their installation began in 1994, and so far, there are no objections to their quality.

Fencing in Sweden is covered by MTP

After 10 years

One of the largest fences manufacturers in the USA highlights the MTP among other coatings. They conducted tests and argue that this coverage is twice more resistant to the corrosion process, caused by salt spray than conventional coatings. Regarding ultraviolet resistance (process of ‘fading’) MTP coatings characteristics are 5% higher.

Polyester coating soon after fence construction in the UK

MTP Cover after 4 years in the UK

The problem of corrosion protections in Queensland (Australia) have been solved with the help of MTP. The photo on the right shows an example of aluminum fence in hot and salty climates on the beach in Brisbane (Australia), coated by polyester 18 months after its installation.

In these photos you can see state of fences installed in the same place, but with MTP coating, after a similar period of time.


Global manufacturers of household and industrial equipment have used an extensive range of thermoplastic coating on the inner accessory of products (shelves for refrigerators, dishwasher’s baskets, etc.) for a long time.

Most MTP which are offered for home appliances market are characterized by the following properties:

  • high decorative properties and durable protection;
  • ease of coating, as well as low energy costs of process;
  • excellent spreading on surface, including sharp edges and welded seams;
  • no cracking and peeling;
  • the proven safety for contact with food and water;
  • compliance with international standards RoHS and PAHS (rules of harmful substances and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons content limits).

Pipes for drinking water

MTP is used to cover water pipes for many years. Covering has a wide range of applications in contact with drinking water because it meets all requirements of NSF61 and FDA (food contact). One of the first in 1990, this coating was used for water distribution pipes in Gothenburg (Sweden). This process was controlled by Swedish Corrosion Institute. Firstly, since the installation of these pipes, there has not been fixed any leakage.

Second, Swedish Corrosion Institute excavated pipe after 11 years of being in salt clay soils around Gothenburg. All pipes have been intentionally damaged before their installation.

Here are the results after 11 years:

  • surface rust = 0%;
  • blistering = 0%;
  • cracking = 0%;
  • flaking = 0%.

The spread of rust from the places where intentionally caused defects (left):

  • from scratches = 0%;
  • from round holes = 0%;
  • from the point of impact = 0%;
  • 100% adhesion.

These results showed that lifetime of pipes in the ground in Gothenburg can be more than 200 years.

Experience of Sweden has spread to other countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. MTP is also used in the Swiss Alps, to deliver drinking water in restaurants.

In the United States, the authorities in Seattle, where soil is similar to the Swedish, decided to cover 6.4 km of pipes in the area of 18th terminal in local port by MTP. After five years ductile iron pipes have deteriorated significantly, and pipes, covered by MTP looked like new ones (see. photo above).

MTP is also used for coating pipes with a high chemical and abrasion resistance. They have been used in Washington and in Northwest United States for gas pipes and for internal coating of sewage pumps and pipe joints for transporting sand and gravel (see. above). And again, there wasn’t any damage detected after inspection of pipes which were made in three years.

Photo on the left shows the moment of replacing the stainless steel tubing for material transporting for copper leaching in the Arizona desert. The inner parts of pipeline must withstand sulfuric acid chlorides and mixtures thereof, and the outside parts must be resistant to ultraviolet and temperatures above 45 °C. After 3 years of operation, these pipes have retained their original appearance.

The abrasion resistance

Above we have shown several examples of MTP coatings abrasion resistance — resistance to abrasion with sand in the desert and in sewer pipes.

Photo on the right shows the playground in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai (one of the few 6-star hotels in the world), where MTP covering was used. After installation of this playground 5 years ago, about 25,000 children were playing on it. The hotel said that after such amount of children covering area has not changed its appearance.

Sweden is currently applied MTP to coat drainage systems along roadsides, through which salt and sand are passed in winter. ASTM 926-94 was conducted, the essence of this test is to measure the number of cycles required for abrasion of coating with a mixture of salt and sand (as washing machine). After one million cycles, all other coatings, including epoxy resin and galvanizing were completely removed, while more than half of MTP coating remains

MTP has also been tested for the skateboard parks in France. After a year of operation two important results were obtained. The coating not only provides excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, but also increases the level of security, thanks to its soft rubber qualities. In addition, the owners were particularly pleased with the fact that they could easily remove graffiti.

Finally, MTP is used in automotive industry, because of its chipping and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the coating has pleasant tactile properties that make it ideal for use on surfaces of internal and external accessories such as steering wheel, handles of seat adjustment and other. Besides comfort, this coating provides a protective function.

Trolley covered with liquid paint after 18 months of use

Trolley, covered with MTP after 18 months of use

Using in building industry

It is necessary that the steel and aluminum structures in building have been protected against corrosion for many years without need of costly repairs. MTP covering can solve this problem. The coating has unique operating characteristics, including a high fire resistance, it contains no halogen and it isn’t toxic. In case of fire, smoke level would be low and slow. Besides, the smoke produced from MTP has extremely low toxicity.

Areas of product usage are varied: from fences and railings to reinforced concrete slabs and suspension bridges.

Worldwide demand for handrails with no sliding and pleasant surfaces (especially for people with disabilities) promptly grows. MTP provides these requirements perfectly.

Legislation around the world requires that pools must be safe and not traumatic. MTP cover is resistant to vapors from chlorinated swimming pool water.

MTP coating is one of kinds that can be successfully used in marine environment. They can withstand long-term operation in hostile marine environments successfully. The level of contamination from ocean flora and fauna is much slower than many other alternative coatings.

Supporting structures covered by MTP 12 years ago. Red fences were covered with polyester paints three times for this period of time

Absence of corrosion and adhesion loss after 12 years

Similar examples, which show the long-term benefits of MTP coatings, are bus stops, street furniture, construction piles, fire extinguisher, battery boxes, road signs, etc.

The photos above show two telephone booths on the coast in Melbourne (Australia). Grid of one is originally covered with blue polyester powder in 1996, while another was coated with MTP. Photos, which were made after 6 years, show the difference in color and condition of coating.

And finally, let’s go back again to Sweden, where Swedish Corrosion Institute has been for 11 years monitored state of lampposts coatings. 16 various types of coatings, including polyester, nylon, epoxy, urethane, acrylate coatings were applied. Only three coatings showed the ability to serve for 50 years — rubber, epoxy-urethane and MTP.

Lights in Bilbao (Spain), after 5 years

Glass surface and MTP

Modified thermoplastic powder coating can be successfully applied on glass and thus also have excellent adhesion and resistance to UV. We can’t but mention the increasing of glass shock after MTP applying. Coating prevents dispersion of glass shards and, depending on the thickness of applied layer may be an excellent shockproof analogue of films and triplexes. Decorative coating possibilities at the moment, unfortunately, have a relatively limited range of colors (14 colors), but unlike liquid paints perfectly solve the problem of ‘starry sky’ effect lacking on the stained glass. The color spectrum can be extended right now by applying of thermoset powder coating of any color.

So, summing up, we can say that modified thermoplastic powder coatings as a hi-tech product, have a number of advantages over conventional paints:

  • long-lasting protection of metal surfaces from corrosion;
  • absence of volatile organic compounds, halogens and heavy metals;
  • absence of cracks, peeling and chipping;
  • excellent spreading on surface, including sharp edges, and welds;
  • excellent resistance to salt and marine environments, sand and sun;
  • vandal-proof and graffiti resistant properties;
  • pleasant to touch, non-slip surface;
  • excellent sound and electrical insulation properties;
  • very low smoke generation during combustion;
  • new protective and decorative coating solution for glass;
  • permissible for food and drinking water contact.

In Ukraine, the use of MTP technology and its application are doing their first steps. Our company Belmar is leading in development of MTP technologies. The success of our company in this direction was the development and implementation of our own equipment for coating with MTP.

We get great satisfaction from the quality of MTP coatings that we are doing! We offer you to share this pleasure with us!