Designed for moving parts through all stages of the technological cycle of powder coating. They provide high productivity with the possibility of automating the coating process. They also exclude heavy physical labor of the staff during the movement of parts around the shop. It is a necessary condition for the organization of any modern powder coating line.

It is possible to organize transport both in the floor version and with air-rail movement. The definition of the execution option depends on the reference to the production areas and the features of the parts to be painted.

The most convenient is the air-rail implementation of conveyor system. Carriages, consisting of several guide rails, are suspended on the metal power frame, which are movable along the entire workshop. In each of these guides, a traverse for hanging products moves on rollers. Thus, the entire carriage, with products hung on the traverses, moves from the hanging area to the spray booth and is pull to the spray booth one traverse at a time. After passing through the spraying process in turn, all traverses are again loaded onto the carriage and moved and loaded into the curing oven. After the end of the polymerization process, they are again loaded onto the carriage in the reverse order and moved to the cooling, removal and packaging zone. This implementation of the conveyor system ensures cyclically continuous operation of the coating area with high productivity. If necessary, the entire process can be fully automated.


ONESIDE – the curing oven and the spraying booth have an entrance for loading products from only one side. Very compact unit and is suitable for most small and medium enterprises.


PASSAGE – products can be loaded from both sides of the curing oven and the spraying booth. Each of the sides of the conveyor system can be used independently (like two of oneside) or as a general system with loading on one side and unloading on the other side, which allows you to create a continuous step movement of products (manual conveyor).