GLL-4,1/2,5 IR


  • preparation of film triplex by vacuum laminating;
  • decorating of glass, MDF, metal panels;
  • preparation of triplex-glassblok;
  • preparation of decorative triplex.

BELMAR LTD manufactures equipment only using the innovative technology of IR heating with short-wave sources. In more detail about the features of IR heating, we offer to read in the corresponding section “About the technology”.

main characteristics

  • computerized intelligent heating temperature control system throughout the volume;
  • iIntegrated vacuum table leveling system – prevents the formation of distortions during work;
  • automatic system for maintaining rarefaction in the vacuum system within the limits provided by the operator;
  • automatic smooth adjustment of heater power depending on the temperature in the heating zone (PID controller);
  • independently controlled upper and lower heating sections;
  • electronic control of the vacuum system with a digital display;
  • type of vacuum pump used: plate-rotor oil-sealing;
  • productivity of the vacuum system – 63 m3/h;
  • membrane materials: heat-resistant silicone (welded two sheets 4 mm thick);
  • the used method of the technological cycle is continuous operation;
  • modes of work from different algorithms taking into account the processes of lamination and decoration – automatic / semi-automatic / manual;
  • overall dimensions of the table – 4300 x 2500 mm;
  • number of work tables – 2;
  • type of heating elements – short-wave IR sources;
  • maximum heating temperature up to 200 °C;
  • evenness of temperature maintenance on the surface, both at the stage of heating and at the stage of maintaining the set temperature: (+ -) 2-3 °С;
  • pressure during lamination up to 9700 kg/m2;
  • cooling of finished products: forced air;
  • the possibility of using new ionomer adhesive polymer materials SENTRY GLAS;
  • power: 60 kW.;
  • the maximum area of a single loading is 10.25 m2;
  • overall dimensions of the equipment 14.0 x 5.5 x 3.0;
  • weight – 2000 kg;
  • controlled parameters: degree of rarefaction / temperature gradient along two axes / time of each operation / absolute temperature;
  • maximum glass thickness – 30 mm;
  • number of controlled and regulated heating zones – 12;
  • number of vacuum posts – 2;
  • lamination temperature: 100-150 °C;
  • blocks of IR sources of the upper zone have individual control;
  • the upper and lower sections of the IR emitters are equipped with space-time oscillation systems;
  • internal surfaces of the equipment made of special material “alanod”;
  • types of glass for lamination: colorless float glass / colored in mass / tempered / enameled;
  • average cycle for packages 4 x 4 – 30 minutes.