Powder coating lines, depending on production programs and tasks, can be both manual and fully or partially automated. One of the key elements of automated lines is a device for vertical movement of powder sprayers to the full height of parts moving through the sprayingboothr. Also, as a rule, these devices should still be able to be moved away from the spray booth for cleaning and maintenance.

“BELMAR” LTD produces reciprocators that provide programmable complex trajectories of movement of spraying systems in view of the complexity of the parts configuration. They are installed on spray booths of the passage type with automatic pulling of the parts. Reciprocators can be mounted directly on the booth itself or on a separate rolling platform.



  • overall dimensions of the drive (LxWxH) – 250 x 100 x 2400 mm;
  • power consumption of one drive – 500 W;
  • degree of protection – IP 55;
  • working stroke – from 0 to 1.8 m;
  • weight of the drive – 11 kg;
  • payload per drive – up to 25 kg;
  • maximum number of spray guns per drive – up to 6 pcs.;
  • the maximum speed of movement of spray guns – up to 1 m/s;
  • programmable acceleration and braking algorithm;
  • automatic start and pause of the external sensor signal;
  • drive element – servo motor;
  • drive gear – toothed belt;
  • position feedback – absolute encoder;
  • mechanical coordinate memory;
  • determination of end positions – induction sensors;
  • emergency locking brake;
  • CNC control;
  • common control panel for both drives;
  • operator’s touch panel;
  • installation on the frame of the booth;
  • installation on an independent platform.


  • high level of protection of working mechanisms;
  • silent operation;
  • adjustable speed of movement of the working carriage;
  • adjustable range of vertical movement of sprayers;
  • programmable coordinates of extreme positions;
  • the possibility of synchronization with the transport conveyor;
  • modern and convenient touch control panel;
  • simple setting of parameters;
  • the possibility of programming with different stop and speed change modes;
  • the possibility of separate/joint control of reciprocators from a single unit;
  • compatibility with sprayers of most global manufacturers;
  • the possibility of installation on the frame of the spraying booth.