The spraying booth is a unit in which powders are sprayed onto the pre-prepared surface of the parts to be painted. The principle of operation is that the fan creates an optimal rarefaction of the air, which prevents the spread of the powder suspension in the workshop and at the same time does not blow the powder away from the parts. Powder particles that have not settled on the parts enter the unit, where the powder is separated from the air with the help of filters. The powder is collected in a storage container, and the purified air is returned to the workshop.

Depending on the design, the cameras have one or two spraying stations. The choice of camera depends on the type of parts to be painted, the nature and tasks of production, the design of the conveyor system, etc.

As a rule, the filter elements of the spraying booth are cartridge filters. The surface area of the filter material is calculated based on the performance of the fans and the working volume of the booth.

The main elements of the spraying booth with cartridge filters:

  • painting booth;
  • block of variable filtering elements;
  • system of impulse blowing of filters;
  • set of fans;
  • container for collecting powder.


Booth of this type is mainly used for spraying conventionally flat parts, profile parts, sheet parts or small parts. Spraying productivity is achieved due to a double operator posts – two operators are stationary located in a valet manner opposite each other – each sprays on its own side of the parts. The powder can be fed from different tanks or from one common tank. Optionally, the automatic return of the powder to a single tank is possible – the so called powder recuperation. However, such a return can be applied with a single-color spraying system. If different colors of powders are used, there is a very high probability of dark particles hitting the light or vice versa, which leads to the reclamations.

When automating the spraying process, it is possible to replace operators with reciprocators with the installation of several automatic spraying guns.

Also, to speed up the spraying process, it is possible to automatically pull the parts through the spraying booth.


Designed for automatic movement of parts through spraying booth while powder coating.

  • increases the quality of spraying;
  • increases productivity;
  • makes easy to work for operators;
  • adjusted the speed of the broach from 0 to 2 m/min.


This is a universal closed-type spraying booth with a floor air intake system. One or more operators walk around the parts from all sides, applying the powder. This booth allows spraying both large-sized products and any profiles, small parts, sheets, etc. Linear floor channels are connected to exhaust systems with cartridge filters. The method of cleaning filters is air blow. Collected powder accumulates in a special container under the filters.

The number of filters, the power of the fans, the layout of the air intake channels, the dimensions of the booth are calculated individually for your project.

In addition, we produce:

  • closed universal booth of the “aspiration wall” type;
  • booth with built-in powder application systems;
  • open single-post booth.